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      March's "Reading Madness"

      • Pioneers R.I.S.E. presents "Reading Madness" featuring:

        1. Reading on the River • April 13 • 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
          • At Riverside Park
          • Culminating event to wrap up the Arkansas Reads One Book Program with Judy Moody Was in a Mood
          • First Community Bank Kite Festival
          • Free books, and more!
        2. Read Across America
          • Each campus will have literacy activities, guest readers, dress-up days, and more!

      Arkansas Reads One Book

      Benefits of States Read One Book

      • Build better readers: by filling children with stories. The research is clear—the best way to prepare children to be readers and learners is to read aloud to them, and a quality book with fun activities is a great way to start.

        Start good family reading habits: by having families join the entire school community to read every night for several weeks in a row. Reading aloud as a family becomes part of the nightly routine when it is reinforced with a great book and a communal experience.

        Encourage family engagement: by having parents play an essential role in the States Read One Book reading program. And, once parents get involved in such a fun and fulfilling experience, they are more likely to stay involved in your school.

        Foster a positive school community: when everyone associated with your school participates in one big, shared experience with one fantastic book. The fun you have with your book will bring your school community together, across grade levels and among your faculty and staff.

        Broaden students and families’ thinking about books and literature: by showing them all the connections that can be drawn from one book. By using the trivia questions, activities, and discussion questions your students will learn to make a deeper connection with literature.

        Forge community relationships: by inviting community members to be part of the reading program. The States Read One Book program might be just the event to convince a local business or civic group to become a sponsor and stay involved.

        And, most of all, States Read One Book is lots of fun!

      What is a R.I.S.E. Community?

      • The R.I.S.E. Community Award is designed to acknowledge communities that have established strong partnerships with local schools and/or districts to support literacy for all members of the community.

        The Batesville School District was 1 of 3 school districts in the state of Arkansas to receive the gold-level R.I.S.E. Community Award.

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