What is the Multicultural Center?

      • ESOL/Migrant Multicultural Center
        At the multicultural center, we help with a variety of services including, but not limited to:

        • New Student and Returning Student Registration
          • Free and Reduced Lunch Form (FRLF)
            • Call DHS to help them find out their snap number for the application
          •  Migrant Employment Survey
          • Home Language Survey 
        • Food Stamps Applications
        • Medicaid/ARkids Applications
        • Immigration Paperwork
          • Printing copies for families
          • Verbally translate & let them know some information about what needs to be done or filled out. 
        • Resource Guidance
          • Food & Clothes Needs
          • Coordinated Care Network
          • Refer for vision, hearing, dental, as well as medical services
          • Home Shelters (Homeless)
          • Migrant Vouchers (for those that qualify)
          • Parents as Teachers/Save The Children (Home Visiting)
            • Check on students or families when needed
              • Ex: students have been missing school for several days or are falling behind in their classes.
              • Ex: If a virtual student needs to take a school exam and does not have transportation
        • Technology Support
          • Provide Chromebooks and internet (hotspots and/or home internet)
          • Help students learn basic computer skills
          • Teach students how to study or research to do their work or homework
        • Translating Documents (bills or letters they get in the mail)
        • Attend court with ELL students
        • Parent Engagement Celebrations

      Parent Engagement

      • Parent Engagement Events

        Hispanic Heritage Celebration • In October at West Elementary (850 Hill St)
        Parents, students, and the community are invited to take part and experience some fun activities.
        Local companies and organizations come to sponsor and support our Hispanic community.

        Face painting • Tattoos • Coloring • Bingo • Ring Toss • Cotton Candy • Bounce Houses • Snow Cones

        Local companies and organizations come to sponsor and support our Hispanic community.

      Meet the Team

      • BHSC
      • BJHS
      • BJHS, BHSC, Residence
      • Eagle Mountain
      • Eagle, PreK, Sulphur Rock
      • Sulphur Rock
      • West
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