• The Batesville School District Education Foundation

  • The Batesville Pioneer legacy is strong and full of rich history since 1882. Our community and alumni continue to embrace us and help us provide “Destination District” learning opportunities for our area’s young people.

    By supporting the work of the Foundation, you are “Empowering Today's Students For Tomorrow’s Challenges”. Through your gifts of time and resources, you support the Foundation’s vision to “Facilitate student achievement in a Destination District”. Your gifts make great impacts and are far-reaching.  


    The Mission of the BSD Education Foundation (BSDEF) is to “Raise Funds to enhance student growth and empowerment for all students attending Batesville Public Schools.” BSDEF will achieve its mission by directing resources toward the following goals:

    1. Fundraising for facility improvement.
    2. Providing scholarships for students to pursue postsecondary education.
    3. Encouraging students to realize their potential through education.
    4. Recognizing staff, alumni, and friends of the school district for exemplary contributions.
    5. Supporting staff with scholarships for innovative “Destination District” efforts.
    6. Build community awareness and networking partnerships for BSDEF.
    7. Inspire parents and community stakeholders to participate with the school district to enrich PreK - 12 education for all students.

Foundation Officers

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