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  • At the BATESVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT, our Fine Arts department offers a wide range of programs that encompass visual arts, vocal and instrumental music, and drama. Students are immersed in art beginning at Batesville Preschool, up to 12th grade at Batesville High School Charter.

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      Construction for Performing Arts Facility

      • BATESVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - An Independence County School District broke ground on a new expansion on Wednesday. Batesville School District hosted a celebration of the work that has begun on its new high school cafeteria and fine arts facility.

        The multi-million-dollar expansion will allow the high school to have its own cafeteria instead of sharing with the Jr. High School like it’s currently doing. Fine arts programs like choir, band, performing arts, and more will also have additional classroom space. Superintendent Dr. Michael Hester said overall, the school was beginning to need space in general.

        “We’ve been growing. We’ve grown about 500-660 kids in last 6-7 years, so we’ve needed the space, but also the update,” Dr. Hester explained.

        In 2021, the district put a millage increase on the ballot that would help pay for the addition. In addition to the failed millage increase, the school also faced issues with inflation, cost increases, and more. Despite the setbacks, Dr. Hester said thanks to the hard work of school board members and administrators, the project is finally a reality.

        “Those are always challenges to be able to get folks to consider a tax raise. That was defeated. Our board said we had to get this done, so we paired it down to what we needed to have. We were able to refinance and through their conservative approach to saving, we’ve saved around $10 million,” Dr. Hester added.

        While a specific date for when the addition will be finished is unknown, the school hopes to have it open by the end of 2024.

        KAIT News | By Hayden Savage
        Click here to view the article and watch the news coverage.

        Tax-deductible contributions are available on our BSD Education Foundation page

        Watch the video renderings of the new facility:






        • 2023-2024
          • May 4 • Caberet at 2 pm
          • April 26-28 • "Into the Woods" Musical Performance
          • November 2-3 • "A Game"
          • October 26 • Class Skit Competition
            • "Mystical Murders", "The Exploration of the Devil's Eye", and "Deadly Amusement" were written, designed, and performed by the theatre classes.
        • 2022-2023
          • June 5-9 • Theatre Summer Camp
            • Presented by the BHSC Theatre Department
            • Monday - Friday, 9 am - 3 pm • Performance on Saturday (Time TBA)
            • Available for 4th-6th Grade and 7th-12th Grade
            • Cost: $60 per child or $50 for siblings (lunch and a T-shirt are provided)
          • BHSC ‣ "Guys and Dolls Jr." • photos
          • BJHSC • "Plucky Pie Murder" • photos
            • Cast: Daniel Arevalo, Lexi Bledsoe, Hayvin Duran, Carolyn Franks, Aubrey Hardy, Emersyn Hanson, Miley Gillihan, Sophie Krug, Alana Pool, Andrey Perez, Riley Roberts, Carmen Solis, Keena White
            • Crew: Lacey Caughran, Kristyn Goodman, Eden Johnson, Alana Springer
            • Directed by: Ms. Shelbi Wiltz
            • Play by: Dara Murphy (guilty and not-guilty verdict)
          • BHSC ‣ "Fire Exit", November 17-18
        • 2021-2022: "Charlotte's Web", November 19-20, and "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown", April 22-24



        • 2022's "Fire Exit" Performance • Arkansas Thespians Festival (State)
          • Ranked Superior (7 out of 31 received the rank)
          • Moriah Beyer - Personal Superior for Costume Construction, Best in Show for Costume Construction, and Honor Thespian Award
          • Derek Medina - Personal Superior for Musical Theatre Performance
          • Charlie Ann Wade - Personal Superior for Musical Theatre Performance
          • Sophia Bridgers - Personal Superior for Musical Theatre Performance and All-State Cast Award
          • Chase Kerlin - All-State Cast Award
          • Amelia "Mia" Roberts - All State Crew Award (for Stage Manager position)


      Visual Arts

      • April 29 • Art Show at Awards Night

        5/22/23 - 8/4/23 • Batesville Area Young Artists (BAYA) Juried Exhibition

        Sarah Stair of Batesville High School earned the first-place award for her oil painting, “Sailing in the Blue.” Click here to read the White River Now article.

        BAYA winner, Sarah Stair posing with Dustyn Bork   BAYA winner, Sarah Stair posing with art teacher, Debra Smith.

        BHSC art students, Brianna Nava and Sarah Stair, had their artwork accepted into the Awards Reception, which was judged on June 8.
        Pictured below from left to right: "Fernweh" by Brianna Nava, "Forgotten", "Sailing in the Blue" and "Winter Blue" by Sarah Stair.

        BAYA Art Exhibition - Fernweh by Brianna Nava   BAYA Art Exhibition - Forgotten by Sarah Stair   BAYA Art Exhibition - Sailing in the Blue by Sarah Stair   BAYA Art Exhibition - Winter Blue by Sarah Stair


        BHSC Art Students display their work at Awards Night
        Click here to view the Art Gallery (Facebook)


        BJHSC Advanced Art students entered art for the ASU Museum's Art Exhibition: Through a Child's Eyes
        Hayvin Duran placed 1st in the 7th-grade division and Ella Davis placed 3rd in the 8th-grade division. Facebook postInstagram post

        2023 Through A Childs Eyes - Hayvin Duran first place in 7th grade division  2023 Through A Childs Eyes - Ella Davis 3rd place in 8th grade division

        BJHSC art students entered their works of art for the VFW Auxiliary National Illustrating America Art Contest
        Madelynn Appleget won first place, Kora Trivitt was awarded second place, and Koda Perez received third place in the contest. All three winners will be presented a prize at a meeting in May at our local VFW branch. Madelynn's artwork will go to the district level next month for judging.

        Madelynn Appleget - 1st place VFW 2023  Kora Trivitt - 2nd place VFW 2023  Koda Perez - 3rd place VFW 2023


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