What is Hope for Hearts?

      • The Hope for Hearts team originated from a national club called B.I.O.N.I.C. (Believe It Or Not I Care), which was developed by a school counselor named Sandy Austin in Colorado. They had around three to four suicides in their school in a span of about two months, and Ms. Austin felt the need to make a change among her students.

        We're hopeful that Hope for Hearts can empower students, help them to feel noticed and cared for even when facing an adversary, and give our students the leadership and awareness to see and care for those around them. 
        We support our students with three teams: the New Student Team, the Loss & Tragedy Team, and the Sickness & Hospitalization Team.

      New Student Team

      • The New Student Team reaches out to new students that come into BHSC. Team members will get to create a "Survival Kit", have a New Student Lunch, help out with Campus Tours, and much more!

      Loss & Tragedy Team

      • Many students and staff members suffer from loss and tragedy in their lives with no one knowing about it at school. After getting permission from parents and guardians, the Loss/Tragedy Team will intentionally reach out to families that have suffered from a loss.

      Sickness & Hospitalization Team

      • There are many ways for students to "fall through the cracks". This has the potential to happen when a student gets sick or is in the hospital for an extended period of time. The Sickness & Hospitalization Team will reach out to those that are out of school for extended illnesses to let them know that they are missed and cared for.

      Team Leaders

      • Team Leaders

        • New Student: Ava Rose and Jason Crawford
        • Loss & Tragedy: Lauren Ramsey and Chesney Snedker
        • Sickness & Hospitalization Team: Emma Ramsey and Zac Douglas


      • A Batesville High School Charter club since 2022.