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Support Staff of the Year 2022

Ms Susan is at the center well before 6:00am to ensure classrooms are ready and entrances are welcoming, making a smooth transition for students and parents in the morning.  While at the beginning of the school year Ms Susan was a co-teacher in a 4 year old classroom, an opportunity emerged during the year within the 3 year old hallway.  After a teacher left, leaving a void in a classroom, Ms Susan was approached with the prospect of moving to the 3 year old classroom.  While this was not an easy decision and she realized it would entail a great amount of work, she agreed to step up to the plate!  Within a week, Ms Susan had made connections with the students and partnered with the co-teacher to give these students a strong end of the school year.  Parents have praised the growth they have seen in their children and how smoothly she made a rocky situation.  Ms Susan collaborates with peer teachers, therapists, and parents to ensure all the children in her care have their needs met.