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AGFC Education Partner Award: District of the Year

The Batesville School District has proudly received the prestigious Conservation Education District of the Year Award from the Education Division for its outstanding contributions to numerous conservation and recreational shooting programs facilitated through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC).

Dr. Michael Hester, superintendent of Batesville School District, expressed his gratitude towards the dedicated educators within his district for their unwavering commitment to various conservation initiatives. Drawing parallels between Batesville and Fort Collins, Colorado, Dr. Hester highlighted the abundance of outdoor opportunities available to residents and visitors alike in the Batesville area.

"The Batesville culture is centered around encouraging our kids and community members to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature that surrounds us. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all Batesville educators who, through their dedication to these programs, contribute to making our community a wonderful place to live," stated Dr. Hester.
The following teachers have played pivotal roles in implementing and fostering the success of these programs:

  • Archery: Michelle Szybowicz
  • Youth Shooting Sports: Alisha Branscum
  • Project Wild: Annah Campbell
  • Outdoor Adventures: Luke Johnson
  • Fishing In the Natural State: Steve Baxter
  • Hunter’s Education and Boater’s Education: Ronald Mergy

These educators have gone above and beyond to instill a love for nature and conservation in the hearts of their students, fostering a deep appreciation for the outdoors and promoting responsible practices.

The Batesville School District takes immense pride in being recognized as the Conservation Education District of the Year. This accolade reflects the district's commitment to providing students with enriching experiences and contributing to the broader community's understanding and appreciation of conservation efforts.

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