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Ava Rose ends her senior year with a crown

What campuses did you attend? Batesville High School (BHS)


Who were your favorite teachers, coaches, and mentors?

  • Mrs. McCord, teacher
  • Mrs. Williams, teacher
  • Mr. Gillespie, teacher
  • Mrs. Gillespie, teacher
  • Mr. Puckett, coach
  • Mr. Khang, coach
  • Mr. Krug, coach
  • Mrs. Wallace, mentor
  • Mrs. Pitts, mentor
  • Mrs. Keller, mentor


How did we put you first as a student?
Many sports, clubs, and classes are offered at bhsc. When I found out I was dyslexic, all my needs were met and accommodations were put in place and teachers were all very helpful with using my accommodation. 


What opportunities did we provide you couldn't have taken advantage of anywhere else?
I went to the girls' state this past summer and it was great. I don’t think I would be able to go to other schools because I had never even heard of it before Mrs Keller told me. I never would have gotten into sports photography without taking a class offered to me at BHSC.


Why should others consider BSD as their "Destination District"?
Lots of clubs, athletics, and classes to choose from. Great teachers, very helpful and accommodating to students' needs.

What extracurriculars did you take advantage of during your time at BSD?

  • Beta Club
  • Girls State
  • Yearbook
  • Golf
  • Soccer
Success ~ What's something you accomplished at BSD you are proud of?
Home coming queen! I have kept a 4.0 throughout my entire high school career (mostly due to how great my teachers have been).