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Jude Angel, Preschool Pioneer Proud

Students' Campus: Batesville Preschool

Favorite Teacher, Coach, or Mentor? I like all of them!


How have we put your Student First?
Jude’s teachers go above and beyond to keep me updated with Jude’s status at school. I can tell they genuinely care for him and love him! They will even check in with me when he is out sick, checking to see how is going. The little things add up and it is clear they put Jude and his classmates first!


What opportunities have your students taken advantage of that they couldn't receive anywhere else?Something I can only describe as a “Family Feeling” is so apparent across all BSD campuses. 



Why should others consider BSD?
BSD is constantly looking for opportunities to help students grow. I have never worked in a school district that was so connected with the students and families belonging to the district. The teachers at every campus I have encountered are genuine in their love and care of their students. 


What's something your students have accomplished in our district you are proud of?
Jude began preschool when he was just nine months old, and he has grown so quickly to be such a smart boy! I owe a lot of that to his teachers working with him at school even at such a young age.