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Twinning with Elizabeth & Noah Jones

Students' Campus: Eagle Mountain Elementary


Favorite Teacher, Coach, or Mentor?

  • Kathy Woodward, teacher
  • Megan Blankenship, teacher
  • Sara Dew, teacher


How have we put your Students First?
Megan Blankenship shoutout: The twins were the first group of COVID kids. Megan went above and beyond to make sure students were all being taken care of, as well as providing fun learning opportunities. Before the shut down, she always made sure my children were loved and learning. She would rock them when they were hurt or sick.

Sara Dew shoutout: We chose to utilize the district’s virtual option for the twins' 1st grade year of school because of their grandparents' severe health issues. This was an extremely stressful year for our family. Ms. Sara would make sure my children understood what she was teaching so they could thrive in their education. She went out of her way to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

Kathy Woodward shoutout: Oh, Ms. Woodward! She is an absolutely amazing teacher. She recognized the potential both of my children have in different aspects of their education. She pushes them to strive for their best and encourages them to not become discouraged when they are faced with challenges.


What opportunities have your students taken advantage of they couldn't receive anywhere else?
My children absolutely love the fresh fruit they receive that is provided by a grant Eagle Mountain applied for and received. They also loved, loved, loved the art classes offered after school last year! They love all of their special class teachers as well as their regular teachers. Batesville School District has so many amazing educators it’s so hard to pin point one or a few!


Why should others consider BSD?
I really think the amazing teachers are a huge reason for students to attend BSD! Every school district has good educators, but Batesville really wants the best!! The teachers are so kind and provide a loving learning environment for students! They want students to feel that their learning environment is a safe place and their teachers care about them!


What extracurriculars are your students involved in?


What's something your students have accomplished in our district you are proud of?
Elizabeth: Won 2nd place in an art competition for her grade level this Fall.
Noah: Maintains A & B’s

Their teachers always say they are very polite, respectful and are amazed at how kind they are. They have said they have never met siblings that get along so well together. Their teachers have also said they both work really hard. They are friends with everyone and like to include everyone.