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Teacher of the Year 2022

She is a team player.  Her team depends on her and she always comes through for them.   Miranda is the first person to volunteer when we are short on lunchroom or bus duty help. She is always willing to help - whether it be with school related issues or just a listening ear.

She is a lifelong learner.  She never hesitates to ask questions. Her desire to grow and learn as an educator is always evident.  She wants to be able to give her students every opportunity to be successful.  You can always count on her for a compliment in the hallway. You will never hear her say a negative comment about any student in her room regardless of how challenging that student may be. She focuses on "how can we get there?" instead of how impossible the journey seems.  


From a parent's perspective:  she spends time building relationships with ALL of her students.  This creates a lifelong bond between student and teacher.  She hugs the students and tells them she loves them every single day. She pushes the kids to ask questions and explore.