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The Greer family is one of our biggest Pioneer fans

Students' Campus: Sulphur Rock Elementary


Favorite Teacher, Coach, or Mentor? Haley Smith, SR Secretary


How have we put your Student First?
I have never felt so comfortable sending my children to be in someone else’s care. Everyone at Sulphur Rock is a true team member. The teachers truly love their students, and not just their current students, but previous students they have had as well as ones they have not. Everyone goes out of their way to make students feel safe, comfortable, and equal. The secretary, Haley Smith, does a remarkable job knowing every detail about student life both at school and at home. I always highly recommend our school to any newcomers in the area. Our sports program is fantastic and we have a wonderful group of parents who spearhead the FANS PTO and Booster Clubs. Coach Ford goes out of her way, spending extra time coaching and encouraging students. Cassie Black has done a phenomenal job with community outreach this year. I could continue forever. We love BSD!!!!


What opportunities have your students taken advantage of that they couldn't receive anywhere else?
The sports and after-school program is fantastic. They offer everything from cross-country opportunities, art club, Lego club, cheerleading, basketball, archery, and so many more. Our EAST program is amazing. Mrs. Ottoway has so much knowledge and does a wonderful job. I love how small our campus is, it feels like home. 


Why should others consider BSD?
It’s simply the best. The opportunities available are endless, and everything is nice and close by. It is safe and wonderful. 


What extracurriculars are your students involved in?


What's something your students have accomplished in our district you are proud of?
I just found out my daughter had been chosen to be in GT! She is also part of the millionaire reader club, and my son won a top reader award this year too!

George literacy award Pioneer Joe and George Olivia lego award Olivia with cheer squad