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Brooke Caraway, Distinguished Alumni returns to teach at BJHSC

What campuses did you attend? Sulphur Rock Elementary, Batesville Junior High (BJHS), and Batesville High School (BHS)


Who were your favorite teachers, coaches, and mentors?

  • Mark Sparks, teacher
  • Leigh Keller, counselor
  • Tim Howard, coach
  • Stan Fowler, coach
  • Danny Daniels, principal
  • Melissa Baxter, teacher


How did we put you first as a student?
It wasn't until I was in college that I realized how rare it was to attend school somewhere that teachers and coaches cared about you far beyond the classroom and the court. They played a bigger role than I could ever say in shaping me into the Brooke I am today, and while I'm certainly grateful for the ways they challenged me academically and athletically, it's the life lessons they taught me that have continued to carry me far beyond my time as a student in the BSD.


What opportunities did we provide you couldn't have taken advantage of anywhere else?
Even though Batesville is a small town, I was always able to play sports, be involved in clubs, and take AP courses that prepared me for college. Additionally, I loved the way that teachers and coaches were supportive of my desire to be involved across the board. My opportunities weren't limited by having to choose.


Why should others consider BSD as their "Destination District"?
While I attended college after graduating from BHS, I had many classmates who went a multitude of other routes and have been very successful in them. I think attending BSD will put students in an environment that prioritizes their success, regardless of what that might look like. When a school is truly focused on the students, the possibilities are endless.


What extracurriculars did you take advantage of during your time at BSD?
At BHS, I played volleyball, basketball, and ran track until my senior year, when I became the manager of those sports so I could have back surgery. I was also the soccer manager. I was a member of Beta Club and Key Club, NAHS, as well as involved with FCA. I was also a class officer.

Success ~ What's something you accomplished at BSD you are proud of?
The academic side of BSD helped me to achieve a 33 on my ACT, which allowed me to receive a multitude of scholarships and awards. Additionally, I graduated Salutatorian of my class.
Where are you now and what are you doing?
I graduated from BHS in 2017, then attended Ole Miss where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in English, and I'm currently pursuing a Masters degree from the Clinton School of Public Service (I'll graduate in May). Even more exciting, I'm also in my first year teaching at BJHSC! I'm teaching 7th grade Leadership and Service.
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