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FBLA Wins at District Conference

The 2023 FBLA Mid-Level District V conference was held on February 7 at UCA in Conway. The following students attended the conference: Elizabeth Heng, Jackson Massey, Isaac Allison, Anderson Cifuentes, Reed Crafton, Lexi Holland, Kaylee Mathews, Isaac Overturf, Kaytin Parker, Hayden Taylor, Zach Vaughn, Edelvin Villatoro, Joseph Walker, and Anna Yarnell. Students heard guest speakers from the President of FBLA Collegiate level, UCA Assistant Dean of College of Business, ACTE program director and Make a Wish Foundation coordinator. Also, the day was filled with an awards ceremony. The following students were recognized in their event:

Hayden Taylor - 1st place in Mr. FBLA
Zach Vaughn - 3rd place in Exploring Technology
Reed Crafton - 4th place in Exploring Computer Science
Anderson Cifuentes - 5th place in Exploring Technology
Kaylee Mathews & Anna Yarnell - 4th place in Multimedia &  Website Development
Most of these students have also earned the opportunity to advance to the state level of competition in their competitive event at the State Leadership Conference. The State Leadership Conference will be held April 3, 2023 in Little Rock.