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Arkansas Peace Week Youth Art Contest Finalists and Winners at BJHSC

Students in the state of Arkansas were asked to create a work of art that addressed the following theme: What does peace mean to you? Depict a more peaceful community in your art entry.  The submissions were judged on the basis of the following criteria: understanding and implementation of the theme, uniqueness and artistic style. 

The finalists were announced on September 14 and we had eight students from Batesville Junior High School Charter that made it to the finals! The students at the junior high school were placed into two different categories: 5th-6th grade and 7th-8th grade. Finalists' artwork was displayed at the Arkansas State Capitol from September 18 - 25. 

Award winners were announced at the Arkansas State Capitol on September 24, where Calysta Komons received 3rd place in her age division. The students that were finalists from Batesville Junior High School Charter were Xuanying Li, Garet Garth, Addyson Groetsch, Lexi Bledsoe, Antwan Paul, Milly Newton Crow, Calysta Komons, and Mylie Dixon. Batesville had more finalists than any other district in the state for this competition.