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Career Coach & Internship Coordinator

1 Pioneer Drive, Batesville, AR 72501


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On site work-based learning opportunities with local business partners

PEAK Performance U: 9 Essential Skills for the Workplace (Technology Based Soft Skills Curriculum)

Students will meet weekly with Internship Coordinator


Using a partnership between BHS and employers in our community, students will receive training/experience through actual part-time internships/apprenticeships, and/or volunteer work.


  • Students will complete an online internship application.
  • Students will be interviewed by BHS staff and potential employers prior to placement into internship to determine eligibility.
  • If selected for the internship program, students will be evaluated by their employers each grading period.
  • If selected for the internship program, students will meet weekly with Internship Coordinator.
  • Students will provide their own transportation to their internship site.
  • Intern students will be released from school during designated periods to report to work.
  • Students will attend training provided by the employer prior to beginning internship.
  • Students will submit weekly/monthly time logs to Internship Coordinator.
  • Students will complete Naviance interest inventories/assessments.
  • Using Google Classroom, students will complete assigned tasks in the units/lessons for online PEAK Performance U:9 Essential Skills for the Workplace curriculum.
  • Failure to comply with requirements may result in receiving an “F” for the semester, being removed from the internship program, and being assigned to another class for the remainder of the semester.


  • Provide 15 to 20 hours of work/training per week
  • Provide supervision and mentoring to interns
  • Connect classroom experiences to work environment
  • Assign tasks and/or job responsibilities to interns
  • Provide feedback to interns concerning their performance
  • Verify weekly/monthly time log
  • Notify Career Coach of any unsatisfactory development
  • Evaluate the intern each grading period.


  • Partner with National Apprenticeship Training Foundation, Karen Breashears
  • NATF will be employer & enroll students in registered apprenticeship program
  • As the employer, NATF will provide Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • NATF will provide a time card and pay students wages (top is for wages, taxes, etc.. & bottom is grade for high school)
  • NATF will bill company for wages, taxes, & $15 per week


  • Students bring new perspectives to old problems
  • Visibility of your organization is increased on campus and in the community
  • Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions or projects
  • Freedom for professional staff to pursue more creative projects
  • Cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees
  • Cost-effective or no cost workforce not requiring long-term employer commitment
  • Business image in the community is enhanced as you contribute your expertise to the educational world